About Us (English)


As your best partner of the journey for discovering the new sceneries, we encourage a conscious shopping habit based on your “own style” that is not only in look but in how you see the world and how you connect the world, which makes you and our world happier.


Multi brand shop of ethical fashion

We offer ethical alternatives to fast fashion providing the platform for ethical, quality and inspiring products selected from fair trade products, Eco-conscious products, vintage items and traditional artisanal products.

People does not take an action or keep doing the action only because that is good to do, while people would buy what she/he really wants. We encourage ethical choices by stimulating real customer desires.

Change perception

We change your image of fair trade shops from like “souvenir shop” or “too much ethnic taste ” to “what we really want now” ”just purely lovely and quality”, by building an inspiring lifestyle brand.

Deliver the story behind the products

We think with you about who make the products for developed countries and their cruel circumstances and unfair exploitations. We learn with you how does our ‘larger volume and cheaper price’ desire cost on environment, labors, and products’ quality and safety.

Encourage a lifestyle caring timeless style

Through introducing happy lifestyles choosing right ones you could love for long term departing from the mass-consumption and mass-disposal lifestyle, we encourage the respect for artisans, environment and timeless values.


Chisato Mase

Having been suspicious about excessive consumerism which rely on the premise of endlessly growing desire of people and seeking any ways to depart from.

After gained bachelor degree in International Economics, joined Microsoft Japan and led various marketing programs as a project manager. Through the working experiences there, she got greatly attracted by the potential of Marketing which could make an impact on people's values and lifestyles by encouraging new perspectives and installing new structures.

Moved to London and studied International Business majoring in Master of Business Administration at HULT International Business School.

Moved to Seattle.

After moved back to Japan, started a multi brand shop of ethical fashion, “A Scenery Beyond..”.

Loves art, cultures, foods, and kids.